MiltonWeb is a small business catering to small business.  We understand the importance of person to person service while at the same time retaining the professionalism associated with corporate success.  We work with small to mid-size companies who desire an online web presence at an affordable cost.


Many of our clients are at first apprehensive, not knowing where to start or how much to spend.  Our small to mid-size business owners are generally working with a limited amount of funds. MiltonWeb provides solutions and expertise to help you make an informed decision. Internet technology is continuously changing, so much so that our customers depend on us to keep them informed of the latest web solutions to increase profits and compete in the world wide web.


Your web design and development includes...      

  • Consultation

  • Research

  • Original design samples for you to review and choose from

  • Multiple rounds of revisions

  • Page Development

What’s most important in a website? A well designed site should have the following attributes:

  • Functionality – Your site should above all look professional and entice visitors to return time and again.  In addition it should establish some or all of the following

    • Strengthen relationships with your current clientele

    • Attract new customers

    • Educate your customers

    • Provide examples of your services and products

    • Answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Increase Company Branding 

    • Use technology to streamline communication (email communication, online promotions)

    • Set your company apart from your competition


A Few Key Points to ponder when designing your website:


  • Meta Tags - The use of meta tags on a website is absolutely essential.  These tags are hidden in the site code and are used by the major search engines to index your site.  Improper use of these tags could result in low search engine placement or no placement at all.


  • Keywords – Not only should you have proper use of meta tags but your content should also have select keywords liberally distributed throughout the text. Search engines frequent websites and index the entire content of your website.  These words are then also used in the search string. Content should be updated frequently so your customers have a reason to return for new and important information.


  • Ease of Navigation – The user should be able to easily navigate from page to page with ease.  There should be a standardized navigation bar in the same location on every page so that your visitors can always find their way around your site.  


  • Reasonable Cost – Most of our customers are small to mid-size business owners. They are looking for a good value for their web investment. We offer competitive pricing to make sure our customers are getting a good value.


  • Support – Once your site us up and running, you need support! “Your success is our success,” and we mean it.

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